Biometric Logins + Passkeys for WordPress are Coming

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No passwords, no two-factor codes, no emails. Log in to your WordPress site with one click.


The easiest and most secure way to log in to your WordPress site is coming soon! In the next major release, the iThemes Security Pro plugin will add biometric logins (like Face ID, Touch ID, and Windows Hello) and passkey technology supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Now website admins and end users can have secure logins without the inconvenience of additional two-factor apps, password managers, or complex password requirements.

Powered by the WebAuthn protocol, these login methods provide an innovative passwordless login experience that is the future for securing sensitive information online, including logging in to any WordPress site. As the future of logins for all sites and apps, iThemes Security is the first to bring it to WordPress as the primary login method.

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<blockquote><p>All current customers of iThemes Security Pro, the Essentials Bundle, the Plugin Suite, and the WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit will automatically get Biometric Logins + Passkeys when it launches later this month!</p></blockquote>
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