Best WordPress Themes and Plugins

Best Themes



Kadence is ideal for creating fast, responsive websites with easy customization features. It suits a variety of needs, offering both free and Pro versions​

Blocksy Theme


Blocksy excels in building fast, professional web projects without needing coding skills. It’s known for its speed and a multitude of features and options, compatible with popular page builders​

Hello Elementor Theme

Hello Elementor

This WordPress is ideal for Elementor professional web projects, particularly for those without coding skills. It offers quick visual building capabilities and is loaded with features for customizable web designs.​

Best Page Builder



Recognized as the #1 web creation platform for WordPress, Elementor is ideal for those aiming to design professional websites. It caters to a broad user base and offers a wide range of templates and tutorials

Divi page builder


Divi stands out as the most popular WordPress theme and an ultimate page builder. It is highly versatile, suitable for any type of website, and comes with over 80 pre-made layouts and an easy-to-use drag and drop builder​

Best Plugins

SolidWP Security Pro

SolidWP Security Pro

  1. User Login Security Customization: Offers customizable user login security policies, including brute force protection and two-factor authentication​​.
  2. Brute Force Attack Protection: Secure user login authentication with automatic lockout of bad users identified by Brute Force Protection Network and blacklist​​.
  3. Strong Password Enforcement: Automatically requires users to create strong passwords, enhancing login security​​.
  4. Vulnerability Scanning: Scans for vulnerable plugins and themes, and automatically updates vulnerable software when patches are available​​.
  5. Firewall and Biometric Login: Includes a firewall powered by Patchstack and supports biometric login compatible with Face ID, Touch ID, and Windows Hello​​.
  6. Passkeys and Real-Time Dashboard: Offers hassle-free authentication with passkey technology and a real-time security dashboard in WordPress​​.
  7. Local and Network Brute Force Protection: Combines local protection (banning IPs based on specified rules) with network protection (banning IPs seen trying to break into other sites)​​.
  8. Continuous Monitoring: Monitors security-related events on your site around the clock and allows customization of security dashboard for different users​​.
  9. Patchstack Integration: Automatically patches vulnerabilities with Patchstack integration, offering continuous protection even when you’re not actively managing the site​​.


  1. ntuitive Features and Unlimited Customization: Known for its easy-to-use interface and unlimited customization options​​.
  2. Drag & Drop and WooCommerce Integration: Offers drag-and-drop capabilities for easy table building and supports WooCommerce product tables for organized product displays​​.
  3. Google Sheets and Design Customization: Syncs with Google Sheets for data entry and offers extensive table design customization options​​.
  4. Dynamic Data and Custom Filters: Supports a variety of data types (media, links, numbers) and includes custom filter options for specific data search​​.
  5. Fluent Forms and WP Posts Integration: Integrates with Fluent Forms and WP Posts, displaying form entries and WordPress posts/pages in tables​​​​​​.
  6. Easy Creation and Customization: Streamlines the creation of both simple and dynamic data tables, with features for easy table customization​​​​.
  7. Dynamic Data and Conditional Formatting: Supports dynamic data types and conditional formatting for highlighting cells based on specific conditions​​.
  8. Value Transformation and Chart Creation: Allows text, email, and number transformation into clickable links and supports the creation of charts with Ninja Charts​​.
  9. Affordable Pricing Options: Offers a range of pricing options including annual and lifetime licenses, providing updates and support with all features included​

Fluent CRM

FluentCRM is a highly regarded email marketing and CRM solution for WordPress, known for being feature-rich yet simple and fast. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing customer relationships, building email lists, conducting email campaigns, and creating marketing funnels. Its primary aim is to enhance user engagement and increase conversion rates.

Key features of FluentCRM include:

  1. Email Marketing Automation: It automates various aspects of email marketing, allowing users to manage email campaigns and sequences efficiently.
  2. Lead and Customer Management: Users can easily handle leads and customers, streamlining their management within the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Automated Email Sequencing: This feature aids in keeping audiences engaged with timely and relevant emails.
  4. Learner and Affiliate Management: FluentCRM provides tools for managing learners and affiliates, which is particularly useful for educational and affiliate marketing websites.
  5. Activity Monitoring: The plugin allows tracking of user activities, helping in analyzing customer behavior and preferences.
  6. Versatility in Management: It supports the management of an unlimited number of customers, subscribers, members, and users.
  7. Built-in Email Marketing Tools: A range of tools is available for comprehensive email marketing strategies.

FluentCRM comes in two versions: FluentCRM Core, which is free and includes main functionalities like contact management, email sending, and basic automations; and FluentCRM Pro, a paid version that adds advanced features and options​​​​​​​​​​.

Blocksy Theme


Rank Math is a cutting-edge SEO plugin for WordPress that stands out for its use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s designed to simplify and automate many aspects of SEO, making it more accessible and less time-consuming for users. With a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency, Rank Math has quickly gained popularity among WordPress site owners.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. AI Integration: Rank Math is the first WordPress SEO plugin to leverage AI, enhancing its effectiveness in optimizing websites.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The plugin is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to manage their SEO without needing extensive technical knowledge.
  3. Comprehensive Content Scoring: It evaluates content against over 100 factors, providing a detailed analysis for optimization.
  4. Multiple Focus Keywords: Unlike many free SEO tools that limit to a single keyword, Rank Math allows optimizing content for up to five focus keywords per page.
  5. Popularity and Reliability: Despite being relatively new, Rank Math is used actively on over 800,000 sites, indicating its reliability and effectiveness in the SEO community.
  6. Overall Performance: It is highly rated for features, compatibility, reliability, ease of use, and regular updates, earning it a reputation as one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.
Hello Elementor Theme

Kadence Block

Kadence Blocks enhances the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. This plugin is known for its ability to extend the basic block editing options, allowing users to create more complex and visually appealing content layouts without needing to code.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Extended Gutenberg Capabilities: It adds custom blocks and options to the Gutenberg editor, facilitating the creation of advanced layouts and designs.
  2. All-in-One Toolkit: Kadence Blocks serves as a comprehensive toolkit, enabling unique content creation akin to what is offered by traditional page builder plugins.
  3. Advanced Content Block Page Builder: This feature allows for the addition and easy rearrangement of various content blocks, including widgets, lists, photos, videos, and more.
  4. Ease of Use: It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing even those with limited technical skills to create professional-looking pages.
  5. Positive User Feedback: Kadence Blocks has received positive reviews for its functionality and the quality of content it enables users to create.
  6. Versatility in Content Creation: The plugin empowers users to build unique and engaging content layouts that would typically require more complex page builder tools.