About Me

Who am I

Edy Werder

Edy Werder

from Switzerland

Vastly experienced (20+ years) IT freelancer working in multiple IT fields. Also, a trained and experienced accountant, working with small enterprises to handle their accounting issues.

Some career highlights

👍  part of an SAP implementation team

👍 moved a company to a new phone system

👍 Build Windows 10 master image

👍 Office relocation, 200 users

My WordPress journey


Not that long ago, I started to explore the world of WordPress. The first website I created using a basic WordPress theme I found in their repository plus some essential plug ins was my personal site, edywerder.ch, presented as curriculum vitae and essential info about myself.

I then spent a fair bit of time over the next few months to learn about page builders Elementor and Divi from various WordPress gurus and video guides. Elementor or Divi – which is better? That was my first tough decision and I opted for Elementor. Once decided, I went straight for the Pro version and enrolled in a course to learn everything I possibly could to build a good-looking website and tackle a website project.


My refreshed website, edywerder.ch, built with OceanWP and Elementor Pro went live in August 2019. After that I began writing technical blog articles, which led me to look deep into how SEO works.

This website I created with the Divi builder.