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Choosing a WordPress design can be difficult. There are so many things to think about, like fonts, colors and logo assets. One question that many WordPress newbies have is “what colors should I use?” I will answer this question by discussing some guidelines for choosing the right color scheme for your website and more.

There are some basic rules you should follow before starting the website project. It will make things a lot easier and ultimately save time in the designing process.

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  • ZAssets


The first step is to think about the type of logo you are looking for. Is it more appropriate as a cartoon, text-based, or icon? 

You could hire someone on Fiverr for a low fee or use Canva Free; some other free online apps are available on the internet.

If you hire someone to design the logo please make sure to get the source files so you can edit them later. Best is when the logo is vector-based in order to be scalable.

Source file format should be png, jpg, PSD (Photoshop), Ai (Adobe Illustrator)

The most important thing you need to know about WordPress logos is the size and dimensions; make sure your logo fits in a square that’s 250px wide by 150 px tall, or at least close enough


Know Your Audience. Who is your target audience? Are they younger or older adults?

Take your time to choose a font. It’s something you don’t want to change later. Although technically, it’s possible depending on what WordPress theme you are using.

Make sure you choose a font that is both attractive to your audience and readable on the internet.

I recommend using a font pair from Google Fonts. They have a lot available. A website called “Font Pair” presents you with an idea about font combinations.

Alternatively, you can upload your own font to WordPress. 

Useful Links


Color philosophy

The color red is known for its vibrant and exciting qualities, which can be used to attract attention or promote a sense of urgency. Red also stimulates the appetite, so it’s perfect if your site sells food! Black on white text typically makes content more readable than pure black backgrounds because dark colors make words harder to see against lighter ones.

The website is an excellent resource for colors. See trendy colors and what color palettes peoples are using. 

I recommend putting together a color palette on Coolors, not more than 4-6 colors. You can save the color palette for later use and even export it as an image file for your reference. Don’t forget to make a note of the color hex code. 


What kind of website are you making? Asking this question will help to identify the best assets to use. Spy on other websites in the same niche and get some inspiration.

Don’t download images from Google Image. They are trademark protected, use stock photos websites, they provide royalty-free images.


PRO Tips

Use Google Chrome extensions

some super tools are available to spy on other websites.

  • Hoverify (paid)

    • has a rich feature
    • similar to Inspect in Google Chrome, but easier to understand
    • identify the color hex code
    • see with what tools the website was built
    • responsive view
    • take screenshot
  • What font (free)

    • activate it and hover over a font and see the font name.
  • ColorZilla (free)

    • color picker