Which plugin can improve a website’s performance?

Which plugin can improve a website's performance

A caching plugin that works with the hosting company's cache optimization server will be your best bet.

There are a few factors that will affect the speed of your website. For instance, the right hosting company can significantly affect how fast your site loads.

I recommend Siteground hosting with their free SG Optimizer plugin, or you can choose a hosting company with a Litespeed server. Litespeed has a free cache plugin specially tailored for the Litespeed server.

The plugin asset cleanup helps strip unneeded assets from loading for pages, and it's a good combination with a cache plugin.

It's essential to test your website thoroughly when playing with cache options. Some functions on your website may not work after tweaking the cache settings.

Use Google page speed to test the performance of your website after changing a setting. Don't change to more than two settings at once. Figuring out what options work best for your website is a time-consuming process. But it's worth the time.

To name a few plugins to help improve the website's performance

    • SG Optimizer when your host is Siteground

    • WP Super Cache

the last option is to keep pages simple by stripping out unnecessary scripts or responsive views before publishing them online

Edy's Recommendation

I've had a positive experience with the Litespeed cache plugin, but it's important to note that your web host must support Litespeed on the server side. Another great option is WP Rocket, for which I've written a separate article with tips for optimization.

Some are praising the SG Optimizer plugin, which is free and from SiteGround and shows good results, too.

My websites are hosted with SiteGround but I don't use their plugins.



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