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NeuronWriter - A new content optimization tool


The new kid on the block – NeuronWriter, is an advanced SEO content editor with NLP functionality.


NeuronWriter is currently featured on Appsumo. It’s a gem, and I highly recommend grabbing it as long it is available on Appsumo. Buy at least 3 codes. Three codes are equivalent to the Gold Plan. Appsumo has a 60-day-money-back-guarantee which makes the decision to buy it a no-brainer. Test it and refund if you don’t find it useful for your workflow.


I compare NeuronWriter with Outranking, where it was a year ago. Outranking was a promising newcomer, and after a year, Outranking has become to go-to tool for SEO content writing. NeuronWriter focuses on NLP terms and therefore compares better to SurferSEO, I think. The development team has a promising roadmap with Google Chrome extension or internal linking in the pipeline.


What can you do with NeuronWriter?


  • understand the right user intent
  • Competitor analysis, choose direct competitors with similar content,
  • optimize content with semantical SEO
  • GPT-3 AI Writer included
  • the content editor looks similar to SurferSEO with an SEO score







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