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Do you WordPress? If you’re reading this post, the answer is yes. WordPress is a powerful and versatile platform that covers everything from a simple blog to a sophisticated website. While it has many easy features to use, sometimes there are hidden answers to questions that can be difficult to find.

This WordPress answers article is designed to help solve some of those hidden mysteries and get you back on track with your WordPress site. Don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments! Have a question that’s not answered here?

What’s The Difference Between the sizing options PX, EM, and REM?

When creating a website, you will need to choose a font size. You can use either pixel (px), em, or rem. Pixels are the smallest unit of measurement and are fixed; they will not change regardless of the device or font size. Em is relative to the font size of the parent element; if the parent element is increased in size, so will the em within it. Rem is relative to the root element, typically the HTML element; this means that rem will always be relative to the font size set in the browser. This can be useful when creating a responsive website, as you can set a base font size in the browser and then change all other font sizes in relation..


So if you have a font size of 16px and use an EM of 2, the resultant size will be 32px. REM is relative to the root element, which is usually the HTML element. If you have a font size of 16px on the HTML element and use a REM of 2, the resultant size will be 32px.

Which plugin can improve a website’s performance?

A caching plugin that works with the hosting company’s cache optimize server will be your best bet.

There are a few factors that will affect the speed of your website. For instance, the right hosting company can make a big difference in how fast your site loads.

I recommend Siteground hosting with their free SG Optimizer plugin, or you can choose a hosting company with a Litespeed server. Litespeed has a free cache plugin special tailored for the Litespeed server.

The plugin asset cleanup helps strip unneeded assets from loading for pages, and it’s a good combination with a cache plugin.

It’s essential to test your website thoroughly when playing with cache options. Some functions on your website may not work after tweaking the cache settings.

Use Google page speed to test the performance of your website after changing a setting. Don’t change to more than two settings at once. Figuring out what options works best for your website is a time-consuming process. But worth the time.

To name a few plugins to help improve the website’s performance

the last option is to keep pages simple by stripping out unnecessary scripts or responsive views before publishing them online.

Is WordPress.com the best hosting provider for hosting WordPress

WordPress.com is a great place to get started with WordPress, but if you’re hoping for a robust platform that can grow to meet your demands – including scaling the site up and down as needed – then you should consider a shared hosting company instead of based on WordPress.com.

I recommend Namehero. They offer everything that you need to get started for a low price. Email accounts are included too. Bluehost is another low-cost hosting company.

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How can I get more traffic fast?

It’s not possible to get website traffic fast. Here is some advice I have.

You need a good SEO strategy. By doing the following, you will give your website the best chance of grabbing organic traffic when people search Google for keywords related to your niche: 

– Use descriptive titles and headers that tell readers what they’ll find on the page. If it’s an article about trends in design, write “Trends in Design” as a title instead of just “Design.” This way, when someone searches their title on google, they can choose your article specifically. 

– Provide quality content and photographs with high levels of visual interest and relevancy to the subject matter at hand. – Include images and videos so people can feel like they’re exploring your brand after reading your content; it lets them get a better sense of who you are and what you’re about.

– Your blog will be your home page, so make sure that it looks professional and has an easy-to-navigate design. I use WordPress as my blogging platform, and one great feature is that its pages look like other web pages rather than blogs (meaning the logo is at the top left part of the page, not at the middle).

– Try to get links back to your site by writing guest posts for other blogs in your niche. This has several benefits: it will drive new people to visit you who are interested in what you have to say on that topic, and if they like your content, then they might come back.

If you are using WordPress, install an SEO plugin for on-page SEO. My go-to tool is Rank Math; a free and paid version is available.

What is the fast, friendly, futureproof WordPress hosting solution?

Siteground. They offer a wide array of features and excellent customer service while keeping it simple for beginners to get going. Their WordPress hosting is fast, secure, and future-proofed by taking advantage of advanced technologies like Cloudflare DNS and One-click app installs.

The company has over 4 million customers and 13 000 servers in data centers in Europe and Asia, so you have a 99% chance of having your site hosted close to where you live or run your business from

Siteground offers some additional features you don’t find with other hosts.

– for example, with support for two-factor authentication

I always receive answers within minutes by chat, and my incidents are resolved in good time. Siteground is a premium hosting service. They have always good deals for new clients.

How can I know how I can secure my WordPress site and/or weblog?

I recommend a good hosting company. Siteground is an excellent option since it provides both WordPress hosting and security features in the background. Typically, the host will also handle all aspects of security.

SiteGround WordPress hosting includes unique necessary functions at the server level to keep your website safe without you having to be aware of it! The servers are designed for DDoS attacks, malicious scripts, etc…

Install the free SG security plugin from the WordPress repository. With this plugin, there is no need for any other security plugin. In addition, you could buy an SG security scanner, a monthly add-on option.

How can I quickly and simply change the look of a WordPress website and create unique article layouts without having to write any programming code?

Install a new theme, for example, Kadence. To install a new theme, visit your WordPress account and click “Appearance” on the left sidebar, then select the “Themes” tab. After that, you’ll be able to upload as many as 20 themes at once. That way, it’s easy to compare them all. If you decide against any of those themes for whatever reason (spending some more time trying them all out is often advised), you can uninstall them.

Why is a reliable website hosting company important?

A website hosting company is crucial because it helps to keep your website online and accessible to people who want to visit it. You can be confident that your website will always be up and running if a reliable company hosts it. 

In addition, it is essential because people who visit your website will expect it to be available whenever they want to visit it. If your website is down, people may not come back to it, and you could lose potential customers or visitors. 

A reliable hosting company will also support you if you have any problems with your website. They can help you fix any errors that may occur.

A premium hosting company is Siteground, Namehero, with a presence worldwide.

What is a Flexbox Container?

Flexbox is a new CSS layout mode that allows us to create flexible and responsive layouts more quickly. Flexbox is especially useful for designing grid-based layouts, where items are arranged in columns and rows.

In Flexbox, items are arranged in a flex container. Flex items are placed inside the flex container according to the flex-wrap and justify-content properties. Flex containers can be horizontal or vertical, depending on the flex-direction property.

The Flexible Box Layout Module, or “flexbox,” is one of the layout modules in CSS3. It is used for laying out elements on a page, and it has properties that let you control how child elements are positioned relative to their parent element and each other.

Before Flexbox, we used floats or tables to create grid layouts. Flexbox makes creating responsive designs that look great on all devices much easier.

In WordPress, the Flexbox container lays out widgets. Flexbox makes it easy to distribute widgets evenly across the container’s width and makes them stack on top of each other when the screen is narrower (such as on mobile devices). So if you’re wondering why your widgets look different when you view your website on different screen sizes, it’s probably because Flexbox is being used to rearrange them!

The popular page builder Elementor (in the free version) introduced the Flexbox container at the beginning of 2022. Divi, another page builder, still hasn’t released the Flexbox container.

FAQ: WordPress Answers

How do I back up a WordPress website?

There are several ways to back up a WordPress website.

The first and most common way is using the backup capability of your hosting service. Hosting services usually offer 30-day backups. It doesn’t require installing a plugin. 

Another method is a backup plugin, which backs up your site in a single click. One such plugin is WPvivid, which can be downloaded from the WordPress repository. 

My favorite backup plugin is Duplicator, which is also an excellent tool for migration. To perform backup on a scheduled basis, you need the Pro (paid) version. Duplicator Pro backups up the WordPress core files, which means in case of a total disaster and you need to restore your WordPress site entirely. You can do so by creating a new website and copying the two Duplicator backup files with the cPanel file manager or uploading them by FTP. 

Then go to your browser and run the PHP file. The restore wizard asks you to enter the MySQL database name, database user, and password and does some health checks. Duplicator will run and restore your WordPress website fully.

How do I turn off the automatic updates of the WordPress core?

It is no longer possible. WordPress automatically installs maintenance and security fixes regardless of whether you want it. However, it is possible to switch off upgrading to a new version. Go to the WordPress dashboard and click Updates.

Switch to automatic updates for maintenance and security releases only.
If you see this link, it means WordPress is currently in automatic upgrade mode.

Enable automatic updates for all new versions of WordPress.
If you see this link, WordPress is currently in maintenance and security fix mode.

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