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Rank Math SEO plugin review

May 21, 2022

The ultimate SEO plugin for WordPress is Rank Math. The free version offers far more functionality than Yoast SEO or any other SEO plugin.
Rank Math SEO plugin makes it simple for anyone to optimize their content by providing built-in recommendations based on widely-accepted SEO best practices.

SEO is essential for any website that wants to rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs), and WordPress is no exception.

This article will talk about different aspects of the Rank Math WordPress plugin and why it’s so popular for SEO.

Rank Math SEO review

What is Rank Math, a Yoast alternative?

Understanding the history of a plugin should enable us to evaluate whether it is safe or not. The Rank Math SEO plugin currently has over 850,000 active users and is rapidly gaining popularity among WordPress users. The company, Rank Math, was founded in 2018, and its base of operations is located in India.

Rank Math is a feature-rich SEO suite-style plugin that ensures your website is optimized according to search best practices. If you’ve ever used another WordPress SEO plugin, you should have a good idea of how Rank Math works.

The main distinction between the Rank Math SEO plugin and other SEO plugins (such as Yoast) is that it is a freemium plugin, implying that the free version includes more functions than other plugins.

Rank Math Swiss Army Knife

What you can do with Rank Math

Here are some valuable functions offered by the Rank Math SEO plugin:

  • Easy setup wizard
  • Analyze the SEO performance of every post and web page on your website
  • Check out all your top-performing posts and keywords.
  • Tracks Google algorithm updates in Analytics Graphs
  • Easily import Schema via HTML sources and more.
  • Automatic video schema generation

Rank Math Integrates With Your Favorite WordPress

The Rank Math SEO plugin has become one of the top plugins for WordPress websites. Below are a few requirements you need to follow for seamless integration:

  • While Rank Math supports PHP versions as low as 7.2, the latest stable PHP version is recommended.
  • Rank Math is compatible with WordPress versions 5.6 + and firmly suggests that you update to the newest version.
  • Rank Math requires the installation of various PHP modules on your server to extend the capabilities of the PHP programming language.
  • If your website uses additional SEO plugins, you can safely disable them and integrate their data into Rank Math.

What are some of Rank Math’s features?

Ease of use WordPress SEO optimization

Many of our clients lack the necessary time to sit down and modify or configure every component of their WordPress sites. That is understandable as they have businesses to manage!

That is one of the reasons why Rank Math is an excellent SEO tool that is simple to use, and you can install it using the Setup Wizard. The step-by-step configuration process walks you through configuring the most appropriate options for your website.

Data integration comes standard

Rank Math SEO plugin transforms all of this information from your search panel, Google Analytics profile, and WordPress website into relevant graphs and insights.

With Rank Math’s Analytics tool, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine the accurate optimization level of your content.
  • Evaluate your search performance from a bird’s eye view.
  • Monitor your ranks and keywords, including indicators such as your average search position, click-through rate, and more.
  • Determine which articles are performing well.
  • Keep an eye out for stuff that isn’t performing as planned.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are built into Rank Math’s free version; if you opt for the paid version, you will be able to track weekly rankings and access much more information.

Schema or rich snippets are included.

Rich snippets are rich search results that differ from standard search results. They include additional information, visuals, title, meta description, or text snippet.

You’ll need to install a couple of plugins to integrate schemas across your site. However, the free edition of Rank Math does contain a rich snippet module.

It means you can access 14 distinct varieties of schema immediately usable. This is critical if you want your material to appear in Google’s SERP features, which always appear on the first results page.

Rank Math rich snippet

Configurable and modular-based user interface

In a modular-based user interface, you can use some of the features offered by Rank Math as you need them. Several modules in the Rank Math SEO plugin are not active at installation (e.g., the schema module, the image optimization module, and the redirects module), but they can be enabled when required.

Rank Math modular based

Watch the Rank Math SEO Plugin Mega Tutorial

Everything you need to know, this vidoe covers both the FREE and PRO version. The length of the video is over 2 hours.

Rank Math Mega Tutorial

Built-in SEO audit

SEO is a sophisticated process with numerous moving elements; otherwise, it would not be an $80 billion market. While some of the tests in an SEO audit can be performed manually, having a power tool gives you an edge and saves time significantly.
Rank Math enables you to automate many time-consuming procedures and do an in-depth SEO assessment of your website with a single click.

SEO audit

Automated SEO for keywords analysis

To implement SEO basics, we rely on tools and features to implement SEO basics as SEO evolves and content creation and link building become more complicated. One such automation feature is Rank Math’s image optimizer module, which allows you to set the plugin to add ALT text and title information to images automatically.

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Built your website the way you want

RankMath Free vs RankMath Pro

The free edition includes the following features:

  • Meta descriptions and titles – You may either utilize templates or manually edit each post’s/SEO page’s title and description.
  • Analyze focus keywords — Optimize content for a variety of focus keywords.
  • XML sitemap – Rank Math enables you to construct a personalized XML sitemap. You are not required to utilize the default WordPress sitemap if it does not meet your requirements.
  • Perfect integration with the visual builder of Elementor Pro and Divi. I don’t know any other SEO plugin which has a better Divi integration than Rank Math.

The premium edition includes the following features in addition:

  • Tracking keyword rankings – You can view your keywords’ search engine ranks for the last twelve months to better understand.
  • Integration of Google Trends
  • You can optimize multiple locations for local search engines.
  • It is possible to generate a Google News SEO sitemap.
  • You can establish a sitemap for Google Video SEO.

Click here for a full feature comparison between the Free and Pro version.

How can I do Google SEO for my website?

Some valuable data from Google Search Console can be accessed directly within your WordPress admin dashboard using the Rank Math SEO plugin. You can see several things here, including the keywords you rank, your sitemap status, and indexing issues. The information that you can find here is invaluable in helping you maintain a high-performance website from an SEO point of view.

How to set up Rank Math SEO plugin settings

To experience the full potential of Rank Math, we need to familiarise ourselves with some of the crucial settings.

Download RankMath and Install the plugin

  • Access your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click the “Add New” link under the “Plugins” link in the left column navigation.
  • “Rank Math” should be entered under “Search plugins…”.
  • Click “Install Now” to install the plugin when you find it.
  • Once the plugin has been installed, you must activate it before being used.
  • Click the “Activate” button.

Connect to your free SEO login account

The Rank Math SEO plugin’s registration window will automatically open once the plugin has been installed and activated. Here, you are required to create a free account (to receive some of the RankMath articles via email).

We recommend creating an account because Rank Math’s newsletter can provide great insights that can help you advance your understanding of SEO. You can skip this step and move on – you don’t need an account to complete the setup.

Follow the setup wizard.

The easy-to-follow setup wizard will appear once you’ve connected to your free SEO login account. You can check either of the following settings, depending on the level of your SEO skills.

  • Easy
  • Advanced
  • Custom Mode (Pro)
Setup Wizard

Import SEO data from your SEO plugin

You can import the current settings for an SEO plugin if you already have one. You must first select the SEO plugin you want to import settings and click the importer. The importing process will start once the “run importer” button is clicked, as shown in the screenshot below.

Connect to analytics

Connecting to Google Search Console is recommended by Rank Math. There is no requirement for it, but it will significantly enhance what the plugin can do. Check out how to do this below:

  • Click on the “Get Authorization Code” button.
  • You will be prompted to log in to your Google account in a pop-up window.
  • Upon connecting, a pop-up window will display a code. You can paste this into Rank Math’s “Search Console” field.
  • Select the site you’re setting up from the drop-down if you have more than one website connected to Search Console.
  • Select “Save and Continue.”

Set up sitemaps

The sitemap informs search engines how your site is structured, what content they should crawl, and the priority of each page.
As part of this step, you will decide whether you want Rank Math to generate your sitemaps automatically. We recommend allowing Rank Math to do this.

Final SEO tweaks

The last step of the wizard deals with minor aspects of SEO. Here are the settings we recommend:

  • Turn on the Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives.
  • Turn on the Open External Links in the New Tab/Window options.
  • Turn off the Nofollow External Links feature.

What Happens if You Uninstall the Rank Math Plugin

If the plugin is uninstalled:

  • You will undo all “on-the-fly” adjustments made by the plugin while producing your pages.
  • Your sitemap will be deactivated.
  • The plugin tools that were previously available while making or modifying a post will be disabled.

Your search engine ranking could suffer as a result.

The plugin produces database tables that are not deleted when uninstalling the plugin. To delete them, seek tables that begin with the prefix “rank math_.”

Pricing plan: Editions

Simple Pricing Plans

Rank Math Pricing

All prices in US$ 
Prices per year
30 Day money-back guarantee

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Rank Math vs. Yoast SEO reviews

In general, Rank Math’s free version offers far more functionality. For instance, you’ll get multi-keyword analysis, 404 detection, a redirect manager, local SEO capabilities, and internal link ideas, among other things. These are features that Yoast SEO either charges for or does not include.

Additionally, Rank Math is modular, which means you may disable any functionality you don’t wish to use to prevent bloat (the same is true of Yoast SEO).

I switched from Yoast to Rank Math a while ago. Read here why I switched.

Conclusion on Rank Math: Best SEO for WordPress

The SEO world is constantly evolving, and SEO solutions must keep up. We’ve only begun to explore what Rank Math is capable of and how it can benefit you daily.

Rank Math SEO is a powerful plugin that offers a wide range of features for free. If you’re looking for an SEO plugin with all the bells and whistles, Rank Math is your best bet. It’s easy to use and comes with a user-friendly setup wizard. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll be able to get your website ranking high in no time.

Rank Math Pro is even better and offers you more schema and insightful analytics results. I think the Pro Version is priced appropriately and well worth it. If you’re serious about SEO, get Rank Math Pro.

Please let me know in the comment section below about your thoughts on Rank Math. Do you have the Pro version?

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