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Elementor 3.2 Free Version

April 27, 2021

New Design Features, Performance Improvements, and More!


  • New Design Features Text Path Widget
    The new Text Path Widget allows you to create beautiful text designs with the click of a button. You can attach your text to any predefined or custom shape and generate unique slogans, like wavy fonts or swirly sayings in seconds!
  • Performance improvements
    in this update, we’ve been focused on improving your website’s performance. We’ve reduced up to 50KB of data per page load by adding conditional loading assets in our experiment and splitting the e-icons CSS library which saved a lot of bandwidth for you! You can also modify how Elementor loads Google Fonts with custom font adjustments—make sure to watch out for course about optimizing websites’ speed if you want more info.
  • Create Websites faster
    We want to make building websites as seamless and efficient for you as possible. We’re always finding new ways that save time, so now when using Elementor’s Import/Export Experiment, your workflow speeds up by importing existing content from one website into another site in minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse!