Kadence theme review

Aug 27, 2021

Exactly what you need for a blazingly fast website

Kadence Theme review


This article will talk about the Kadence theme and why it’s an excellent option for WordPress users. We’ll be talking about what makes it so great, some of the features that make it stand out from other themes, and my overall opinion on whether or not this is the right one for you.

The first thing you need to know is that this theme has an extensive list of features. You get plenty of customization options with over 600 Google fonts, unlimited color combinations, tons of layouts including full-width pages like blog posts and landing pages, as well as standard layout templates like portfolio sites or product listing websites.

There are also over 17 pre-built starter templates available in addition to all these customizations, which means getting started will be a lot easier for you. Kadence theme is professionally coded with HTML5 and CSS3, making it a lot simpler to customize if you are used to editing code yourself or having someone who can do this for you.

A big plus is that it integrates with the plugin and page builder you love.

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • Beaver builder
  • Woocommerce
  • LearnDash
  • LifterLMS
  • Tutor LMS
  • Restrict ContentPro
  • bbPress

What Is Kadence

Kadence is a professional, modern, responsive theme suitable for just about any kind of website. Kadence is ideal for small business websites as well as large corporate sites. As Kadence has been coded in HTML5 and CSS3 and uses the latest WordPress features like metaboxes, it offers much more functionality than many other themes like Astra, Generatepress, Blocksy, and Kalium.

Kadence has been built using the Kadence framework, which allows you to add custom sidebars and widgets with Kadence components easily; these components can be used by the Kadence elements, which integrates into WordPress core.

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Kadence theme Starter template

Features available in the Free Version of Kadence

Kadence allows more choices for design and customization than many free themes. There are many desirable features even in the free version.
Starter Templates

Kadence includes many starter templates for you to choose from so you can start your website right away. The 17+ Starter templates cover almost all niches. You will find templates for Blogs, Businesses, eCommerce, Learning, and Membership.

Additional Customization Options

Kadence offers various customization and design settings so content creators can create the site they want for their business. With Kadence, you have theming colors, typography, and layout changes at your fingertips. The free version allows you to change the look of your website with one click.

Advanced Header Builder

The header layout settings panel is a unique feature of Kadence that differentiates it from other free themes using which you can quickly change the look and feel of your site header even if you are a non-coder. Transparent or sticky headers highlight two of the remarkable features.

Features available in the Pro Version of Kadence

Header Addons

Build a premium header with 20 new header elements to choose from. Gain the flexibility to place your logo, search bar, social icons, and site title in any position on your header. Change the color for each element individually to fit your brand.

Conditional Headers

Conditional Headers are the ability to have separate headers for specific pages. I don’t think many other WordPress themes have this feature.

Hooked Elements

Place blocks and page builder content anywhere, conditionally, and within a timeframe. Hooked elements are set to display on specific dates and times. For example, show a text block with your contact information only during business hours (9 am-5 pm).

Ultimate Menu

This feature provides additional menu options for mega sub-menus, highlight tags, and icons. Using this, you can choose to highlight menu links that have been viewed by visitors (great for blog posts).

Fixed Elements

Kadence has extendable hooks that allow for page-fixed content. Fixed footers, fixed banners, and show-by-device are some features that the pro version of Kadence offers.

Header/Footer Scripts

Kadence comes with inbuilt scripts that allow you to place your Javascript files and style sheets in the Kadence header and footer.
Regardless of the theme you install, Kadence scripts will be available to run without hiccups.

Woocommerce Addon (Kadence Suite only)

If you are running woo-commerce, Kadence has an addon called Woo Extras. The plugin will ensure that Kadence can change and add features specific to woocommerce. It’s a fantastic addon for Woocommerce.
To mention how Kadence can be tailored according to your needs. Customization, ease of use, and Kadence’s features make it one of the best themes.

Kadence performance and speed

Kadence comes with some awesome features, but what about its speed?
The theme is lightweight and is quite fast. Kadence does not slow down and provides a remarkable UX. Speed is an important factor these days, mainly if you use Kadence for an eCommerce or business site.

You can verify this using Gtmetrix or google page speed tester. Kadence performs well, scores points on both Kadence’s speed and optimization. Kadence theme almost earns 100 or A+ for page load times.

SEO friendliness

With the Kadence theme, the chance to rank well on search engines is intact. The theme enables you to optimize your posts for SEO. The Kadence search engine optimized design provides Kadence will get top rank in SERPs, though I suppose it depends on how good you are at optimizing Kadence content (images and texts).
Additionally, Kadence supports schema markup, which is helpful for advanced SEO users and completes the SEO loop.

Kadence Theme Free vs Pro

A comparison between the Free version and the paid version
Integrations with third-party plugin
Header Builder
Footer Builder
Custom Layouts
Custom Post Type Support
Global Color Palette
Color Options
Global Typography
Global Button Settings
Scroll To Top
Socal Links
CSS Pre-loading
Transparent Header
Sticky Header
Responsive Controls
SEO Optimized
Hooked Elements
Header Addons
Ultimate Menu
Fixed Elements
Header/Footer Scripts
Woocommerce Addon

Pros of using Kadence theme

Kadence has a well-designed layout that supports easy navigation and loads quickly even on devices with lower screen resolutions. It integrates seamlessly with the WordPress Gutenberg editor and WooCommerce, and many page builders.

The theme customizer is easy to understand and well organized. Kadence makes use of the Kadence shortcodes, which make Kadence pages easy to put together.

Kadence is also available on WordPress.org and can be downloaded for free from your account dashboard. The Kadence theme is listed under the most popular themes. It stands out with five stars out of 5 from over 70,000 plus downloads (July 2021).

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Cons of using Kadence theme

The pricing is a bit confusing. The paid plan is called Kadence Pro and is available with an annual or lifetime plan. Furthermore, Kadence Suite is also available, which contains other plugins like Gutenberg Blocks by Gutenberg. Kadence Suite is, in my opinion, the better deal and has more value. Compared to the Suite Kadence Pro is pricey.

There are no many cons to mention. Perhaps a cons is that iThemes recently acquired Kadence, and it is not clear how the future looks. However, the Kadence core team is quite supportive. It’s a small team.


For support, the Kadence website has thorough documentation that you can use to solve your issues. You can also use the official WordPress forums to ask questions to the theme makers. Kadence also has a dedicated support forum.

All Kadence reviews that we have read say the same thing about Kadence: Customer support can be slow and weak at times. You cannot expect any help if your theme installation breaks down completely (the good news is, it never happened yet).


Kadence is a powerful and responsive WordPress theme that can help you create a site for any business type. With features like SEO, multi-language support, WooCommerce integration, drag & drop builder customization options, and more, it’s hard to find another out there with as many capabilities at this price point. If you want your site to stand out from the crowd or if you need something simple yet effective, then Kadence could be the perfect option for your needs! To make sure we are on the same page about what’s possible when using this theme, let us know in the comments below to answer any questions before they arise!

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