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The Ultimate Guide on how to use Kadence Conversions

Kadence Conversions


Do you ever struggle to get visitors to convert into customers?

Kadence Conversions is a new WordPress plugin designed to help you convert more leads into sales. It’s simple to install and configure. Kadence Conversions is part of the Kadence family. The Plugin was released in November 2021. It’s the ideal addition to Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks. 

It is a simple way to quickly add lightboxes, popup windows, sales pages, and slideshows to their websites without writing any code.


Kadence Conversion: Installation and Setup

Kadence Conversions isn’t in the WordPress repository as a free plugin. You will need to purchase it first from the Kadence website. It’s available as a single plugin to buy or as a member of the Kadence Full Bundle. I recommend purchasing the Full Bundle as Kadence Conversions works best with the Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks. 

After buying the Plugin, you can install it by going to Plugins, clicking ‘Add new’ and ‘Upload Plugin. You need to upload the downloaded zip file. After ‘activating’ it, the installation is completed. A new item, ‘Conversions,’ has been added to the left WordPress navigation pane. 

Kadence Conversions: WordPress Backend

Before using the Plugin, let’s talk about the conversion types. 

What conversion types are available


Popups are displayed on your site and present visitors with the information they need to react. You move the visitor’s attention inside the popup modal, which they must close before engaging with other content on your website. 

Kadence Conversions Popup


Slide-ins are different from popups in that they don’t require action from the visitor. Even though they can still be intrusive and hide parts of your page, they do not block the user from clicking on other items on your page.

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Kadence Conversions - slide in


Banners are similar to slide-ins in that they are less intrusive than popups (the user does not need to react to them to engage with the rest of your site). If the visitor scrolls up or down a page, the banner will be offset so that the entire page content can be accessed and viewed while the banner is active.

According to studies, I’m not a great fan of popups, but popups have good results. I recommend using popups with care and only one popup, not several, across your websites.

Kadence Conversions Banner

After you have decided which conversion type is best for your website, let’s create our first conversion item.

A plea

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Create your first item using the Block Editor with Kadence Conversions

Go to ‘Conversion’ on the WordPress navigation page and click ‘All Conversion item. A new page appears (probably empty). Click the ‘Add new’ button. You will be presented with a screen to choose the conversion items. I mentioned above the three conversion items and what they do. 

Regardless of what you choose, the following screen has some predefined template (layout options) or starts from blank. To begin with, I would suggest using a template. 

Kadence Conversions works with Gutenberg Blocks. So if you are already working with the Block Editor, you should get familiar with it pretty quickly.

The first Block is the ‘conversion item’ with lots of properties to set it up. Mostly the second Block underneath is a ‘Row Layout.’ 

Best to get familiar with the structure by opening the Gutenberg Blocks list view. Helpful is also the status bar which indicates the selected Block too.

Let me explain to you some conversion item properties.

Kadence Conversions - Conversion items

Launch Triggers

  • Time delay – launch a page after a set number of seconds.
  • Exit intent – Launch after the user has moved their mouse off the page as if they intend to leave.
  • Scroll Distance – starts when the user scrolls down a specified amount of pixels.
  • End of Content – triggered when the user reaches the end of the page.
  • On load – executed whenever the page loads.
  • Custom link – launched when the user clicks the link

Launch triggers become powerful when you combine them with conditional logic. Using an exit-intent trigger with a dependent of the page being a specific one (cart and/or checkout) and a conditional product in the cart, you can create an abandon cart saver with particular parameters. 

Display Conditionals

Target pages/posts

The conditions apply to any page, post, archive, etc. Alternatively, you can target a group of items by author, taxonomy, etc. You can even exclude all pages but your front page, for example. 

Target users

Kadence Conversions allows you to select only specific users based on their role or show only non-logged-in visitors. In the same way, you can exclude the visitor, displaying to all but a particular user role.

Target Visitor Device Type

It is possible to show specific conversion items for desktop users and create variations explicitly designed for mobile users.

By URL query parameter

The ability to target URL query parameters is handy for incoming traffic from other sources where you want to target specific users. If your campaign is a Facebook promotion, you can add a ?Facebook=true parameter to your link and target that so that anyone coming to your landing page with that parameter will see your conversion item.

By domain referral of visitors

Domain referrals enable you to target visitors from a specific domain, such as Facebook or Twitter followers, with a particular conversion.

It is important to note that some websites do not send referral information, so targeting through query parameters is generally more reliable.

After a specific amount of pages views

You can target users who have visited a minimum number of pages on your site with Kadence Conversions, which is a great way to get your mailing list to subscribe to new content.

Target by Date and Time

Schedule – Range

For your conversion item, choose the start date and time and an end date and time. This is useful if you want to show a conversion item during a sale but only while the sale is going on.

Schedule – Recurring

Schedule recurring start and stop times based on a weekly schedule. For instance, if you host a weekly live event, you could create a conversion banner to let your visitors know you are live and provide a link to the live page.

Kadence Conversions For Woocommerce stores

by-product in cart

Show conversions to users when they add specific items to their cart. Great for upselling!

by total price in cart

Suppose a specific amount is above or below the total price, display conversion items. You can encourage your users to purchase more to reach a minimum for free shipping, etc.

The Dashboard

The Kadence Conversions Dashboard shows you some metrics about your conversion rates. In the ‘Settings’ tab, you can enable ‘Local Analytics’ and ‘Google Analytics Event Tracking.’ You would need to install Google Analytics to use this feature.

Kadence Conversions Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Works well with Kadence Theme and Kadence Blocks
  • Has many options to set. 
  • a promising start for a new WordPress plugin


  • The backend feels slow – for example, add a new page (not sure why)
  • expensive if not purchased in the Kandence Full Bundle
  • still in its infancy

Bottom Line 

Kadence Conversions has a promising start as a new WordPress plugin. It surely helps to implement engaging widgets to grab the attention of your website visitors. It’s straightforward to implement with the help of Gutenberg Blocks. Since it is from the same publishers as Kadence Theme and Kadence Block, it works best in combination. 

However, Kadence Conversions has a few drawbacks, such as being expensive when not purchased in the Kandence Full Bundle or having slow backend performance. The Plugin was released in November 2021 and is still in its infancy. From the developer’s history, I’m sure this Plugin has a bright future.

Overall, Kadence Conversions is an excellent way to drive more conversions on your site, and hopefully, it will help to outperform the conversion rate.


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