What is Kadence AI?

Kadence AI

Kadence AI is a revolutionary tool designed for WordPress, residing within Kadence Blocks and Kadence Starter Templates, to streamline website design and content generation. It simplifies the content creation; users need to provide basic information about their business, and Kadence AI's technology takes over. It generates relevant copy that accurately tells the user's story and aligns with their goals, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

This is made possible through the power of OpenAI, ensuring the creation of professional-grade websites faster and easier than ever before.

Kadence AI offers a trial with a limited number of AI credits, specifically 250, to new users. However, many patterns and AI starter layouts are exclusive to pro users. The design library currently boasts over 400 pro-only patterns. Credits are utilized to manage how frequently users can prompt the AI for content generation/editing on their site. This serves as a measure to prevent abuse and ensure reasonable usage limits. The cost of tasks varies, from improving upon a headline costing one credit to generating content for an entire context in the design library, which can cost around four credits.

For free users, 250 lifetime credits are provided, while the amount for pro users depends on their purchase. Should free users exhaust their credits, they must purchase one of the premium products to continue using Kadence AI. On the other hand, Pro users will have the opportunity to buy additional credits in the future. Moreover, all images provided by Kadence AI are fully royalty-free, and the platform is designed to be highly customizable to fit any brand perfectly.


Kadence AI - how it works

Kadence AI requires the theme Kadence, the plugin Kadence Starter template, and Kadence Block installed. However it is not required to have the Pro (paid) package.


Kadence Theme

The Kadence Theme is a lightweight, multipurpose WordPress theme that allows you to create fast-loading and beautiful websites quickly. It offers a wide range of customization options through the WordPress Customizer, enabling you to design your site visually without touching a line of code. The theme focuses on speed, accessibility, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for bloggers, businesses, and eCommerce sites.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks is a plugin that extends the capabilities of the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg). It adds a variety of new blocks and options to the editor, giving you greater flexibility in designing your pages and posts. With Kadence Blocks, you can create complex layouts, stylish buttons, tabs, accordions, and more, all within the native WordPress editor.

Benefits of Using Kadence WP

  • Performance: Kadence themes and plugins are optimized for speed, ensuring your site loads quickly for all users.
  • Customization: With extensive customization options, Kadence allows you to tailor your site to match your brand and meet your needs without requiring custom coding.
  • User-Friendly: Kadence products are designed with the user in mind, making it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking site.
  • Compatibility: Kadence themes and plugins are built to be compatible with major WordPress plugins and page builders, ensuring seamless integration with your site’s ecosystem.


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